Responsive CSS Preprocessor

About the Author of JOY!

Design, Development and all good things

I was once like you, toiling over a calculator. As I did this countless times a day while writing lots and lots of extra CSS comments to keep reminders of the where how and who. It dawned on me that all my beautiful and extensive work caused me enormous grief if the client requested a layout change (as they always do).

At times this would involve back tracking returning some of my wonderful context calculations back to pixels and then converting them back again. Ok, maybe not so ‘impossible’ thanks to good note taking, but was it ever tedious. To think, I could have been watching something constructive like Thunder Cats, ok, probably not. So I set out to create something that would save me the headache, which lead me to JOY!

Thanks to some creative thinking, a little inspiration and the right people I was able to bring you a Responsive CSS Preprocessor for you to enjoy free of charge. Sure, I put lots of blood, sweat and peas into designing, developing and testing; but it was worth all the hard work and strenuous effort in bringing all of you JOY!. This helped to free up some of my time, allowing me to get back to focusing on design, UX/UI, development and all the other things I’d rather be doing. It would be nice to help you do the same.

I would like to thank you personally for using JOY!; if you’re feeling generous or would like to buy me a cup of coffee, please feel free to donate to our future support and development by clicking the “Donate to Joy” navigation item at the top of the page. Wishing you luck in your endeavors and happy responding.

Lior Bar-David